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Cali: A wonder to know

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Whether by business, turism or by living other adventures, that´s great to be in Cali, a city that has turistic places and has a great historical worth, cultural and active life, thanks to its ethnic wealth. Cali musical rhythms, invite you to have joyful, dancing and funny nights.

Hotel Pance 122® , tells you about the plans you can enjoy in this wonderful city.

Climb Loma de la cruz

It is located on the hill which has the same name in 5th Street between 14 and 16 carrers. Cali is an artisan park in which you can find a completed show and selling of handcrafts made in Colombia and in latinoamerica.

It has 3 squares in which some people teach theather, music and cultural performances as well as folklor to children.

Pance River

Caleñas families use to meet on weekends to enjoy along the Pance river, the Caleños typical dishes.

Zoo in Cali

It is located in the ancient municipal forest along the Cali river. The zoo has more than 250 animals and there are 270 from different species. There are also many games for children and adults.


If you visit Cali, you can do a disco tour. In Cali, people dance from Wednesday to Sunday and the best discos have selected a day for rumba. For example, if you want to dance the best salsa, you can go to Zaperoco on thrusdays, known as the Temple of Salsa in Cali.

There is another wellknown disco in Cali, Living night club; the party starts on Wednesdays with their famous Wednesdays of salsa.

The Topa Tolondra, is a traditional place in the Salsa Culture. Here you can enjoy salsa combined with Bolero, Live salsa and heavy salsa, you have to bear in mind, that on Mondays, there are classes with the caleñas from dancing schools.

Feria de Cali

It is one of the most important fairs from Colombia. Cali is visited by hundred of turists from different countries from December 25Th to 30th, each year. They come to enjoy its parties.

There are many activities like bullfighting, gastronomic fairs, salsa festivals with different points in the city. There are also concerts with international singers and great exponents of salsa, Classical cars parades, among others. The Feria de Cali attracts more quantity of turists who really want to know one of the most important musical events in the world.

Salsa al parque

Each month on first Saturdays People in Cali meet to make the biggest Salsera auditioned from the city. It is a free event with live salsa.

Go to visit the Carpa of Delirio

In Delirio, a great quantity of dancers, perform the best show like in Broadway with a mix of Salsa, circus, rhythm and poetry.

Ir a Dapa

Dapa is a village in the Municipality of Yumbo. It is from 45 minutes from Cali. It has a pleasant weather and a variety of restaurants, farms and parks with different activities.

Among the activities that you can do in Dapa are: riding a horse, birdwatching, games for children and risk games.

Visit the Historic center

The Historical center of Cali has beautiful places with a great architecture, The most of these places have been declared National Monument for its great historic and architectural worth. This is the reason you have to visit.

We share a route that you can follow:

  • Plazoleta de San Francisco
  • Iglesia, museo de arte religioso y museo arqueológico de la Merced
  • Calle de la escopeta
  • Plaza Caicedo
  • Palacio Nacional

Visit Boulevar del Río

In this walk you can sit in some benches to delight a cholado or ice-cream while you observe the nice view until the Ermita Temple.

Gato de Tejada

Along the left margin of the river it is the famous “Gato del rio” o “Gato de Tejada”, it has 3,50 meters tall, 3,40 meters wide and it is 3 tons heavy.

But there is not only the cat, which attracts to the visitors but also its brides. This sculpture is accompanied with 15 more female cats distributed in this place. They were elaborated by different artisans.

Jairo Varela Square

Jairo Varela square is a beautiful place to have leisure for visitors, it has a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and some performances outdoors.

Here, people pay tribute to Maestro Jairo Varela, maximun exponent from Salsa, who developed all his musical carrer in this city.

The symbol is an enormus trumpet, if you stay below its cones, you really could listen the most wellknown salsa songs.

Cerro de Cristo Rey

The cristo rey mountain is located in the sea highway and it got opened in 1953, you can have the best view of the city in this place.

It has a huge Cristo Rey image with 26 meters High and it is located to 1470 metes on the sea level. Here you can have a great sight of the city.

Visit the Cerro de las tres cruces

To arrive at the mountain, you have to go up walking. You can get inside from the Bataclan Ecological park and on Sundays rather than visiting other days of the week because caleños use to exercise going up there. You can also use private means of transport.

Sebastián de Belalcázar

It is located on the hill with the same name. It has a big monument of the city founder with his right hand pointing the exit to the sea.

Musicians and artists meet there on weekends to present to visitors.

It is located in the 3rd west Street with 9th Avenue and the best way to go there is to take a taxi.

San Antonio Neighbourhood

You should not leave Cali without visiting San Antonio Neighbourhood. It is located in the West of the city and it is very easy to come here because it is close to the downtown.


Among the most popular and traditional dishes are: Sancocho de gallina, chuleta de cerdo, arroz atollado, empanadas, aborrajado, pandebono, pandeyucas, marranitas, manjar blanco, lulada, champús, cholado, entre otros.

Suggested Restaurants:

  • Platillos voladores
  • El ringlete
  • Antigua contemporánea
  • El falso olivo
  • Rayuela
  • La Comitiva